About Pub Culture Beercations

Why Just Vacation When You Could Beercation?!

Chris Bettini has guided hundreds of people through the rich history of beer and brewing. With destinations across Europe and the United States, we promise an unforgettable adventure.

Dubbed Omaha’s ‘beer god’ by the Omaha World-Herald in 2009 and having worked in Omaha’s craft beer community bartending at the Crescent Moon Alehouse since January of 2006, Chris has been part of the Omaha beer scene for over a decade and a half. His love for searching out amazing craft beer and the culture around this fermented libation has led to him on countless travels, including 27 trips to Europe since 2008. The past few years Chris found a way to combine his love of craft beer, traveling and exploring pub culture with the creation of his tour company, Pub Culture Beercations LLC. Now he is exploring the world one pint at a time and sharing his adventures with people just like you!

Chris has visited over 950 breweries and countless craft beer bars in 18 different countries over the past 16 years and created friendships and contacts all over the “beer world” that help him make a Pub Culture Trip one that will not only showcase and spotlight some more touristic locations, but also take you off the beaten path to search out those local favorite spots, and locations often overlooked by larger, more expensive tour groups.